Emosi - Let it go!! think Positive!

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Sviluppatore Supership Inc.

Emosi is a revolutionary emotive app that allows users to turn everyday negativity into positivity!

Whether you’re feeling sad, down or frustrated, share your thoughts through emosi and let other users help you feel good!

- When you’re feeling down, hit ‘Action’ and post your thoughts and feelings.
- Other users can then send you a feel-good ‘Reaction’ via video, photo or audio.
- Feeling better? Now try helping others to be positive!
- Spread the positive vibes with emosi!

- You need anonymous advice (emosi posts are anonymous)
- Bad weather is getting you down
- You’re having a bad hair day
- You overheard someone talking about you behind your back
- You’ve been fighting with the one you love
- You’re just feeling tense